General Information

The tennis facilities at Bayberry are supervised by the Bayberry Tennis committee, a self-supporting division of the Bayberry Association. The goal of the Tennis committee is to provide the highest quality tennis courts while keeping the yearly dues reasonably priced. All dues from members are used to maintain and improve the Bayberry Tennis facilities. Membership is voluntary and is open to all members of the Bayberry Association. Yearly membership sign-up forms are delivered to every Bayberry household each spring.

The facilities include two separately fenced tennis courts available for the use of all tennis members. The courts are located adjacent to the Bayberry pool and are open year-round, weather permitting. Members are allowed to play with guests at no charge. Bayberry residents must be Tennis members to play and may not play as a guest. Sign-up sheets are posted each day at court 1 (the court closest to the parking lot). A complete list of rules can be viewed on this website.

For more information, please call the Tennis committee chairman,
Mitchell Weisman @ 235-3719.