Tennis Rules and Regulations


  • Only Bayberry members and their guests may play
  • Bayberry residents may not be guests
  • Only four players may be on the court at any time (except for lessons)
  • Players are responsible for court condition and must remove personal debris after playing
  • All players’ names should be printed on the sign-up sheet
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol on the court are prohibited
  • All members and their guests must observe proper decorum and respect for fellow members


  • Members may sign up on a daily basis, after 7:00 AM, to play on that same day
  • No one may reserve more than one hour per day
  • Members are limited to two (2) prime time (7AM-10AM weekdays & 8AM-11AM weekends/holidays) hour slots per week
  • Any reservation not claimed within 10 minutes after the hour will be forfeited

Enforcement of these rules is the responsibility of all members.
Violations should be reported to the tennis chairperson and could result in penalties including suspension of reservation privileges